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An appreciation blog dedicated to our favourite series of action-adventure video games - MediEvil!


"Sir Daniel Fortesque" from MediEvil

art by Andy Wendigo


Reasons why I hardly ever draw Dan:

1. What the heck do you with his goddamn legs

2. This particular style makes him look like a frog


Fortesque, main character from Medievil, by my friend Daniel Zrom.


Sir Daniel Fortesque from Medievil Games.

I was motivated to draw him after seeing a live speedrun of Medievil 2.by Brescaz.


I finally got around to sketching Dan from MediEvil! EEEEEEEE X3

I really just want to draw this guy like crazy but I’m so caught up in a bunch of things it’s ridiculous.

So yeah, have a colored sketch and a super clean sketch until I get this guy done.

Karl Sturnguard render from MediEvil

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