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An appreciation blog dedicated to our favourite series of action-adventure video games - MediEvil!


A trip to the pumpkin patch yesterday got me thinking about Medievil on the Playstation 1. #inktober


Request featuring Manny Calavera, Sir Daniel Fortesque and Klaymen re-enacting a scene from The Big Lebowski


Drew and paint a pic of Dan in my stream. Thanks to anyone who came by!


So around the holidays, I like to do some fan art for fun. I figured for the Halloween season, Sir Daniel Fortesque of the Medievil series would make a good first entry


(via Daniel Fortesque - 100)

This was one of the earliest suggestions and, you know, I’m not super keen on the character (like the design enough but never played those games) but man, really dig how this turned out.

Again, it’s why I love these challenges. Outside of maybe putting him in a Mario fight, I would’ve never drawn this dude. But because I can get it done quickly and I’ve already set some limitations for myself in terms of palette and time spent, I gave it a shot and it’s now probably one of my favorite of the bunch.

Done in only a little over an hour too.

Good times.

Props to FallenZephyr for his palette challenge once again.


"Sir Daniel Fortesque" from MediEvil

art by Andy Wendigo


Reasons why I hardly ever draw Dan:

1. What the heck do you with his goddamn legs

2. This particular style makes him look like a frog

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